Drilling & Blasting Operations

All types of drilling & blasting operations for mining companies

With over 20 years of expertise, KRU-Vzryvprom can meet clients' objectives with optimal results

Scania-, Renault- and ATM-based mobile explosive manufacturing units
mln m³ of blasted rock mass for 20 years of operation

drill rigs by DML, DM, PV, Sandvik, МР and ZEGA

mln m³ of blasted rock mass per month

Drilling & blasting operations include


Mass blast design

A team of drill & blast engineers develops a digital model of the block to be blasted based on the surveying data and telemetry data from drill rigs, as well as the results of previous blasts.
Based on the model and customer’s requirements, a required amount of explosives and a charge design are calculated, a suitable type of explosives in terms of density, velocity of detonation and efficiency is selected.
The parameters of the shotpile, particle size distribution, seismic effects and air blast are assessed.
The mass blast design includes a set of supporting documentation and permits required for handling commercial explosives.


Explosive charging, borethole tamping and installation of the explosive circuit are carried out according to the safety instructions and the mass blast schedule.
Explosives manufacturing and charging is performed by mobile explosive manufacturing units and controlled by the automated charging control system.
Modern components for electronic initiation systems and special devices for increasing the efficiency of explosives are used during hole stemming: universal charging sleeves, universal locking devices, compensators.
The entire process is subject to 24-hour security and enhanced safety measures.


The fleet includes 43 high-performance drill rigs from the world’s leading manufacturer Epiroc (formerly Atlas Copco).
Drill rigs are fitted with special equipment and software for high-precision positioning, which allows to:
  • Upload electronic data sheets and designs for drilling operations;
  • Determine the position of the future borehole within 10 cm;
  • Control the drilling process with the use of telemetry and transmit strength characteristics of the block to be drilled online to blast designers;


Control of the shotpile and the quality of the blasted rock mass are ensured. KRU-Vzryvprom uses electronic initiation systems for:
Each blast is accompanied by monitoring of the environmental impact, dust and hazardous gas content in the atmosphere.
After the blast, engineers evaluate the fragmentation of the blasted rock mass to control the quality and adjust further designs.
  • Controlling the shotpile of the blasted rock mass;
  • Ensuring the quality of the blasted rock mass at minimal cost;
  • Minimizing the seismic effect of the blast and the impact of the air blast.
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  • Monitor drilling quality: depth, spacing, quantity, and verify rock data.

Reasons to choose us


Experience in managing distributed sites

Through strategic planning and operational management of sites in different regions from one center, we have been able to develop effective approaches and reduce costs.

Long-term cooperation

We do not think about immediate profit. Together with our customers, we come up with solutions that are optimal in terms of technical and economical requirements to ensure minimum cost of production

Transparency at each stage

We define the real deadlines and cost of services after understanding the task, calculations and studying mining and geological conditions. We respond to requests of customers throughout the entire process for best results

Favorable market position

The estimated scope of work at the enterprises of Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company allows to build beneficial relationships with suppliers and provide centralized procurement of explosives and initiation systems

20 years of expertise

We comply with the industry, corporate and regulatory documents and ensure safety of drilling & blasting operations, high quality of the rock mass preparation and adherence to deadlines

In-house explosives manufacturing

We manufacture and deliver emulsion and granular explosives to conduct drilling & blasting operations regardless of climatic, hydrogeological and mining conditions

Working with leaders of the mining industry.

Implementing projects at the Russia’s largest coal deposits in the Kemerovo Region and Khakassia. Providing drilling & blasting services in any climatic, hydrogeological and mining conditions.
clients in Russia

Licenses and regulatory documents

PDF, 4,2 MB
Activities related to handling explosives for commercial use (14.05.2007)
PDF, 1,2 MB
Activities related to the operation of explosive and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous industrial facilities of hazard classes I, II and III (27.11.2019)
Экспертное заключение АСП-К
Экспертное заключение АСП-К
PDF, 2,3 MB
PDF, 1,2 MB
Industrial Safety Policy
Results special assessment of working conditions dated 15.12.2022 г.
PDF, 18 MB
List of recommended measures to improve working conditions dated 15.12.2022 г.
Экспертное заключение АСП-К
Экспертное заключение АСП-К
Экспертное заключение АСП-К
PDF, 1,2 MB
Results special assessment of working conditions dated 09.01.2024 г.
Экспертное заключение АСП-К
PDF, 2,1 MB
List of recommended measures to improve working conditions dated 09.01.2024 г.
Экспертное заключение АСП-К

Advanced technology solutions

KRU-Vzryvprom team is always open to innovations in designing, organizing and conducting drilling & blasting operations.
The company has been using telemetry systems, GPS positioning, automated drill & blast management systems, and electronic initiation systems.

Analysis of the blasted rock mass fragmentation using the neural networks and 3D-visualization of PortaMetric imaging tablet.

  • Specialized software package with high-resolution 3D stereo cameras allows to determine the position and particle size distribution of the blasted rock mass.

BlastManager Automated Blast Management System

  • High-precision MEMU navigation to the borehole and positioning;
  • Optimizing the operation of multiple MEMUs within one block;
  • Recording operation time of the equipment and personnel;
  • Automated control of charging boreholes with explosives.

Designing and conducting mass blasts

  • Specialized software for designing and forecasting the results of works: shotpile parameters, seismic effects, particle size distribution;
  • Changing borehole pattern parameters, application of special devices;
  • Application of EDEZ-S electronic initiation systems and selection of optimal delay timings.

DrillManager Automated Drill Management System

  • High-precision navigation (up to 10 cm) of the drill rig according to the design coordinates of boreholes;
  • Dispatch control, telemetry and analysis of drilling parameters;
  • Monitoring of the machine operation and downtime, and drilling tool strokes;
  • Working with electronic designs, rapid exchange of information;
  • Visual control of drilling parameters.
Cистема управления буровзрывными работами
Cистема управления буровзрывными работами
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