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New Year workshop for sponsored children’s home

Following a good tradition, on the eve of the most magical holiday KRU-Vzryvprom organized a New Year workshop for Children’s Home No. 105.
The company’s volunteers arranged an outdoor workshop on the creation of a New Year charm – a gnome. Children could show their creativity, work with their hands and feel their involvement in the creation of the holiday atmosphere. All participants enthusiastically made gnomes from colorful felt, put funny hats on them and made funny expressions on their faces. The workshop was filled with laughter and joy, and children proudly showed their work to each other.
At the end, all young residents of the Children’s Home received sweet gifts. Smiles on their faces suggested that the day left very bright memories and gave them a little piece of the New Year fairy tale.
Such kind and caring initiatives as this workshop organized by KRU-Vzryvprom help children from children’s homes feel that they are not alone and there are people around ready to give them warmth and joy. After all, it is at these moments that a true spirit of celebration uniting hearts is born.
“Thank you KRU-Vzryvprom for your care and attention to those who need them most.

We wish you further success and truly expect this wonderful tradition to continue!”