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Strategy Session: How Defining Decisions are Made in a Matter of Hours

Last weekend, company’s management team gathered in the picturesque location of the Cedar Wood Health Resort to set strategic and operational goals.

Over the two days of work, the management team conducted a SWOT-analysis of the company’s internal and external environment, analyzed the company’s competitiveness, determined performance standards, shaped a vision of development for the next three years and elaborated operational plans for the next year.
As a result of the strategic session, the KRU-Vzryvprom management has:
  • developed a shared understanding of the current situation, operational and prospective goals and objectives, areas and priorities for further development of the company;
  • created a common media space for all employees of the company;
  • elaborated a work plan with deadlines and responsible persons;
  • broadened the horizons of participants’ vision and their personal development.
“One strategy session is not enough to achieve results: execution is a key success factor for the implementation of any strategy. Even the best strategy can fail due to inaction and negligent attitude. A typical mistake is to lose time when switching to operations, waste energy and postpone all plans indefinitely: the session will not be useful with such attitude, and the cost of the strategic session will turn into lost time,” these were the words Anna Kalichkina, a business coach and moderator, concluded the strategic session with.