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Team Building, Summer, Birthday. The Company Celebrated Its 21st Birthday

One of the company’s good old traditions is the yearly celebration of the company’s birthday. On the company’s 21st anniversary, the employees went to the Pritomye Holiday Home to play a team building game called “Coal Mining”. During the stages of the game, the participants competed for “coal”, but the main purpose of the game was to unite the team and find mutual understanding among employees of the company.
Throughout the celebration, there was an atmosphere of a carefree summer holiday reigning among the company’s employees. In this relaxed, easygoing environment the team experienced a lot of emotions and vivid impressions. All people had a lot of fun and a good laugh throughout the day. A holiday shared among colleagues has become an excellent opportunity for friendly communication and bringing everyone together.
“The 11th of June is an important date for the company. It was on this day the company was founded 21 years ago. All these years we have been growing, changing, developing and we are not going to stop there. 21 years mean experience, strength, knowledge, expertise and a solid platform. At the same time, this is the company’s heyday, an ambitious vision for the future and an opportunity to make plans knowing how to turn them into reality.”

Evgeny Borisenko
CEO at KRU-Vzryvprom