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Russian record set for drilling using the domestic MR-200 drill rig

A new Russian record for monthly production has been set at the Kedrovsky open-pit mine owned by Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company. KRU-Vzryvprom team of MR-200 drill rig operators No. 1 led by team leader Mikhail Khadasevich drilled 51,023 meters during the month, exceeding the target by 220%.
In 2022, the drill rig successfully passed pilot tests at the Kedrovsky open-pit mine. The MR-200 drill rig manufactured by P.G. Korobkov IZ-KARTEX LLC is the first domestic development of the company capable of performing directional drilling at an angle of 30 degrees maximum. The machine provides monthly productivity of up to 20-25 thousand meters of drilled boreholes.
The MR-200 drill rig incorporates modern design and innovative technologies. The main and auxiliary mechanisms of the rig feature fully hydraulic drives that significantly reduce their weight and improve the efficiency. The rig is equipped with an ergonomic cabin with ventilation, heating and incoming air filtration systems and features remote control and monitoring of the drilling process.
“Manufacturing of a domestic drill rig by P.G. Korobkov IZ-KARTEX LLC is a significant step for our company and the entire Russian mining industry. This demonstrates the high scientific, technical and production potential of the Russian industry, which allows to develop and implement innovative technologies in the mining industry, improve the quality and efficiency of production.”

Evgeny Borisenko

CEO at KRU-Vzryvprom

Operators Denis Trifonov and Alexey Kiselev improved their personal record. They drilled 1,152 meters in a day. Their success is the result of well-coordinated teamwork, where each participant makes contribution to the overall success.
The team was awarded a letter of appreciation and a bonus of one million rubles. These awards are recognition of their professionalism and determination.
Courtesy of Kuzbass State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company