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Noise- and Dust-Free: Kuzbassrazrezugol-Vzryvprom Blasted the Anniversary Five Billionth Cubic Meter of Rock Mass

Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company (an enterprise of the UMMC raw materials complex) conducted a benchmark blast at the Kedrovsky open-pit mine using the latest blasting technologies. This event – the five billionth cubic meter of the blasted rock mass since the beginning of blasting services – marked the anniversary of Kuzbassrazrezugol-Vzryvprom.

In a matter of seconds, solid rock is transformed into excavated material almost unnoticed. “This blast is what today our company is considering as a benchmark when operating at open-pit mines of the Coal Company,” emphasizes Evgeny Borisenko, CEO at KRU-Vzryvprom. “Modern explosives, innovative designs of borehole charges and initiation systems, and other developments make it possible to reduce the amount of explosives used and significantly minimize the environmental impact of mass blasts, while maintaining the required volume and quality of the blasted rock mass.”

In 2013, Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company and Kuzbassrazrezugol-Vzryvprom became members of the working group on the improvement of drilling and blasting operations established on the initiative of the Siberian Department of Rostechnadzor (the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia). Together with research organizations, such as VostNII, they are developing new methods and technologies of blasting operations that would be effective for the coal industry and safe for the environment and people.

“If we talk about technologies used in this blast: first of all, this is the RPGM-100 emulsion explosive – a development of the Coal Company. It ensures minimal emissions of noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Second, these are initiation systems of domestic manufacture aimed at minimizing seismic effects,” Danil Parkhomenko, Technical Director at Kuzbassrazrezugol-Vzryvprom, comments. “Modern blasting technologies made the blast conducted today practically inaudible.”

Established in 2002 to optimize blasting operations at open-pit mines owned by Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company, KRU-Vzryvprom today is one of the leading Russian companies in this field. The company manufactures cutting-edge, reliable and safe explosives using its own technologies that fully meet the needs of the largest Russian coal producer both for industrial blasts and explosives for blasting.