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A New World Record — 63,888 m Per Month

In August, the team of drill rig operators of the drilling section No.1 set a drilling record for the PV-271 No.4587 drill rig in the amount of 63,888 m at the production site located at Kedrovsky open-pit mine, a branch of Kuzbassrazrezugol.

Team leader Aleksandr Averin and operator Sergey Semenov set another daily record of operating the machine: they drilled 1,610 m of boreholes in one shift.
As a reward for professional excellence, the team of eight operators received a certificate for 1 million rubles and letters of appreciation, as well as gratitude from the company’s management.

High performance demonstrated by the team, first of all, shows how well-organized and professional work can give consistently high results that everyone should strive for.
“This record is further evidence that our company is a leader in its industry and is ready for new challenges. We continue to work on improving our processes and technologies in order to set new records and achieve even more success,” said CEO Evgeny Borisenko